Manifest Recall

MotherHorror recommendations never disappoint. This book wasn’t what I was expecting. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, lol, but regardless, the writing was sharp, the action was gritty and the ending was satisfying.

1st time reading Chris Sorensen and happy that I did

With the sequel to this book now released – and with all of the positive feedback it’s already getting on social media – I thought I’d better catch up so that I can join the party. So glad I did. Although I physically read this book, I’m also a daily audiobook listener. It added to the story – for me personally – that the main character is an audiobook narrator. My favorite character, however, is his wife. She adds bursts of energy and humor that keep the pace of the novel from becoming too mired in the details of the main plot. I’m looking forward to reading The Hungry Ones.

Nooo…I’m out of book. Need more DS

So I’ve read David’s The Forgotten Island this week, and now Night Shoot. I wish I could give Night Shoot 4.5 stars. Not because it disappointed, but only because I gave TFI five stars and it’s my fave of the two, but I’m not giving NS only four. For me, four stars is very high praise and marks a book that should definitely be recommended. Above that – for me – means it’s re-readable, and I will definitely be revisiting these stories again. My fave line from the book was actually in the Afterward though: “A big thank you to my parents, who read and enjoyed The Forgotten Island, despite me repeatedly asking them not to.” That just made me laugh out loud. That would totally be my rents as well.

Devoured this book

What a great way to spend a chillaxing Father’s Day. I’ve got nothing but love for this novel. No criticism. It kept me interested and turning pages from beginning to end. For me it was like going to see a new horror movie, one that you already knew had positive buzz, but never experiencing the letdown that can sometimes occur when the acting is bad or the special effects suck. David leaves just enough to the imagination that the special effects are awesome and his characters’ scripts are delivered spot on. Loved it 👍👍

My Review Of Dark Touch

Ok…confession….I read too many books at the same time. Occasionally (often), I’ll think that I have got the gist of a plot of a new book and then I might (erroneously) judge it as “not my style” and it’ll get lost at the bottom of my Currently Reading pile. Unfortunately that happened to me with Dark Touch.

One of my preconceived notions was spot on, but it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it might (the romance parts). The other conclusion that I jumped to turned out to be just wrong. I didn’t realize that this was a book that included Angel-ish beings (yes there are huge wings on the cover…back up off me). I’ve never read an Angel novel but already “knew” that I’d hate it if I ever tried. Well that was stupid. Obviously. I enjoyed that aspect, and all of the rest of the characters very much.

I read this book on my kindle. As will often happen, once I get hooked on a story and start tearing through it, I’ll have no ideas how close I am to the end. I made my Netflixing wife jump when I unexpectedly hit the last page and read “End Of Book One” and then yelled out “Noooooo!” Lol. So yeah, despite it taking me two months to read this book, I should’ve knocked it out in that first weekend. I can’t wait for Book 2.

Don’t touch weird rocks in the woods

This is the first work I’ve read from Joe or John, but it won’t be the last. Directly after The Thrumming Stone is a short story by one of my fave independent authors: Gemma Amor. I learned of this book because I follow Gemma’s social media accounts and she shared of her novella’s inclusion. New Gemma on the market? I’m there! Ok, I’ll stop gushing (although her story “Three Lanes Deep” is easily as good as anything in Cruel Works Of Nature). Anyway, regardless of what brought me to The Thrumming Stone, I’m so glad I found it. I saw it described as SciFi-Horror. Hmm…maybe. More SciFi/Folklore horror perhaps? It’s not Aliens, is my point. What it is, is an easy to be absorbed-by story of a boy overcoming a bizarre paranormal experience, one shared by many, but one that he alone seems best fit to puzzle out, all while working to keep his loved ones safe. I’m a sucker for stories that involve the bonds of childhood friendships and also for stories that take place (at least in part) in forests. Both of these boxes get checked when reading TTS.

2019. LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS. Season 1 – The Fincher Analyst

Updated: March 15, 2019 Neil Kellerhouse (Netflix) Sentient dairy products, werewolf soldiers, robots gone wild, garbage monsters, cyborg bounty hunters, alien spiders and blood-thirsty demons from hell converge in an 185-minute genre orgy of NSFM (not suitable for mainstream) shorts. Netflix Love, Death & Robots is a Netflix animated adult anthology series presented by Tim Miller (Deadpool, upcoming untitled Terminator sequel)…
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